We issue various visas & certificates: work visas, medical certificates, sports & business certificates

Your key to global employment

Are you ready to take the leap and work abroad? So is one work visa often a requirement. We are here to help you navigate this process.

What is a work visa?

A work visa is a permit that gives you the right to work in a foreign country. It is often required in countries such as:

  • Kuwait
  • Taiwan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • Qatar
  • Brunei
  • Malaysia / Petronas
  • Liberia

How do I get a work visa?

The process for obtaining a work visa varies from country to country. But in general, you must first have a job offer from an employer in the country in question. You can then apply for the visa. The price depends on the type of visa. We perform health examinations that are often required. Contact us for more information.

Guide to medical certificates

We carry out the medical certificate for your new job, activity or organisation. If you are to be posted to countries where there are special requirements, we will carry out the medical examination.

Vaccination Program and Individual Risks

If necessary, a vaccination program is started according to country-specific requirements and individual risks. In particular, posting with children may require documentation of vaccines and special requirements related to this. Depending on the destination and educational institution, these can be different.

Cooperation with visa agents and companies' HR departments

If you and your family are facing a secondment, there is a lot to think about and many details that need to be in place. We work with visa agents and companies' HR departments to ensure as smooth and error-free a process as possible.

Medical examination in connection with the application for a work visa

A medical examination is often required in connection with an application for a work visa. For long-term postings to countries with a poor health system, we carry out an extended health examination before departure.

Various certificates

In addition to work visas, we also offer other medical certificates where required:

  • Sport
  • Work-related certificates
  • Posting certificates
  • Certificates for organizations
  • Certificates for actors

The price of these certificates also depends on the type of certificate.

For more information contact us here.


We offer vaccinations in connection with your certificate. This is especially important if you plan to work in a country where certain diseases are prevalent.

Read more about vaccinations in connection with your visa or certificate here.