When working with ionizing radiation, you must have a medical certificate. We take relevant tests and issue a certificate to the Norwegian Working Environment Authority.

Ionizing radiation certificate

Work with ionizing radiation is reserved for people whose health is not affected by this type of work. Therefore, it is necessary that those who have to work with the radiation undergo a medical examination and health check before starting work. At the first examination, the doctor issues a special certificate. The purpose of the certificate is to ensure that the person in question is physically and mentally fit to work with ionizing radiation.

Anyone who performs work with ionizing radiation must routinely undergo medical examinations for ongoing assessment of their fitness to perform the work in question. These examinations are adapted to the nature and extent of the radiation exposure as well as the individual's state of health.

The state of health must be assessed at least once a year and in some cases more frequently, depending on the radiation conditions and the individual's health needs.


Our certificate includes a health examination, including blood tests, which can be carried out either at our clinic in Charlottenlund or elsewhere by appointment.

We are experts in providing quality health certificates for work with ionizing radiation and we ensure that you meet the necessary requirements to carry out this specialist work. For more information, please contact us.

Work with ionizing radiation can only begin once the medical certificate has been issued.