Travel vaccination before holiday and posting

Medical's travel clinic: Travel vaccination before holiday and posting

Medical's travel clinic offers advice and stocks vaccines for travel vaccination. We offer a comprehensive service that includes vaccination and advice for both private travelers and companies. You will be guided and advised by a specialist doctor. We are ready to help you prepare for your trip.

Our clinic in Charlottenlund is easily accessible with free parking. We are following closely guidelines from SSI, CDC (US), and NaTHNaC (UK). to ensure you get the best advice and travel.

Bring the malaria medicine from home

If you need malaria medication, we recommend that you bring tablets from home. This is because there may be counterfeit medicines at certain destinations. For the same reason, we recommend that you get fully vaccinated from home.

Updated International Certificates

The rules for international certificates change all the time. We keep you updated and guide you during the travel consultation. We adapt the vaccination program so that you are optimally covered, regardless of where you travel.

Research required and recommended vaccines for your travel destination

Read about vaccines for your next deployment or travel destination to stay up-to-date on vaccine requirements and recommendations.

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Discounts and Refunds

Members of Sygeforsikringen "danmark" group 1,2 & 5 will be reimbursed 50 % of the costs of vaccination. Members aged between 18 and 25 will be reimbursed 75% of the expenses. We also offer 15% discount on vaccination for students. Just remember to bring your student card.

Electronic reporting

Medicals ApS reports electronically to Sygeforsikringen "danmark". Just remember to inform about membership.

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