Medicals Aps offers companies & individuals, vaccinations, health certificates and health examinations at the clinic in Charlottenlund and on-site.

We offer offshore certificates as well as occupational medicine examinations at the company address.

In collaboration with Apovac, we offer vaccinations at pharmacies throughout Denmark, including the public vaccination program 2023/2024 at participating pharmacies.

Medicals, Apovac and +280 pharmacies have from 1 October 2023 to 15 January 2024 delivered 47% of the vaccinations to the risk groups distributed among the 5 regions. A total of over 1 million vaccinations.

Om os: Kasper Banke Kristensen ejer af Medicals Aps


Owner Medicals ApS
Specialist in General Medicine
Danish & Swedish Maritime Doctor
Norwegian / English OGUK Offshore Doctor
The Association of Specialist Doctors
Danish Medical Association
Danish Society for Travel Medicine

Torben Westring Madsen


Specially trained as an assistant to a doctor in the Air Force, with 30 years' experience


Vaccinated soldiers for missions all over the world and supervised the training of new vaccinators over 30 years in the Air Force.

Vaccination supervisor and instructor in Practio for 6½ years.

Torben takes care of the training of new vaccinators and supervises pharmacies that vaccinate through Medicals.

Marie Emilie Hjorth


Doctor from the University of Copenhagen 2021 

Works for Medicals with handling of the medical hotline, preparation of instructions and quality assurance in connection with vaccinations at the country's pharmacies 2023/2024.


Clinical experience from the gastrointestinal surgery department and from medical practice 

+2 years of experience at Practio with work with digital health, travel vaccinations and as day-to-day manager in vaccination centers in Copenhagen and Roskilde 

Several years of experience working in hospitals and health projects in Tanzania 

Work on health projects in Denmark with testing of antibodies against covid in vulnerable patient groups 

Emil Geisler Jensen


Founder and marketing consultant at Emilgeisler.dk. Internal consultant at Medicals ApS, where he uses his expertise to improve the company's daily operations through targeted marketing strategy and efficient administration.


Expert in designing and optimizing user-friendly websites. Experienced in both organic and paid search on platforms such as Google, as well as paid social marketing on Meta and LinkedIn.

Responsible for the company Apovacs, and Medical's online presence on various platforms.

The clinic

Charlottenlund, the clinic is located in newly renovated premises. 

2 hours free parking right outside the door. 

We are on the first floor (to the left) and the waiting room is immediately to the left upon arrival. Register at the welcome terminal and please take a seat in the waiting room.