Night work hElectrical inspections: A legal requirement

According to the law, it is a requirement that employers offer one health examination for night workers at least every three years. This examination is an important part of ensuring the health and well-being of employees, especially for those who work at night.

What does the night work health examination involve?

The health examination must include an examination of the employee's physical and mental health and assess any health risks associated with night work. It must be carried out by a doctor or other health professional and must include an assessment of the employee's sleep habits and quality, work-related risks and any health problems that may affect night work.

The employer's obligations

Employers are also required to provide employees with information on the health risks and prevention of health problems associated with night work and to provide appropriate training and education to ensure that employees are able to cope with the physical and psychological demands associated with night work .

It may include:

  • Sleep disorders: Evaluation of sleep quality and identification of sleep problems such as insomnia or circadian rhythm disorders.
  • Fatigue and lack of attention: Assessment of the degree of fatigue and attention difficulties that can affect the performance and safety of employees.
  • Health consequences: Identification of possible health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or mental disorders that may be associated with night work.
  • Social and family challenges: Assessing the impact of night work on employees' social life, family life and relationships.
Natarbejde helbredsundersøgelse

What can a health examination for night workers entail?

A health check for employees who work at night can include a variety of evaluations and examinations designed to assess the health and well-being of employees and identify any risks or problems associated with night work.

How can Medicals ApS help?

Medicals ApS can help develop a tailored health check for night workers. Contact us for guidance and price.