We offer mandatory health certificate for railway and metro staff

Health examination for railway staff.

Medicals is authorized to carry out health certificates for railway staff, including both initial issues and follow-up examinations. We understand the importance of ensuring the health and safety of railway staff.

Health examinations are designed to meet the specific requirements and standards of the industry.

In order to maintain a high standard and ensure continuous safety, periodic health examinations are carried out, during which the health approval must be renewed. Depending on job functions, there are different intervals for these examinations.

Health examination must be carried out at the following intervals:

  • Every three years, up to and including 55 years.
  • Every year at the age of 56 years.

Persons performing other safety-classified functions in the railway field, e.g. responsibility for work in and at tracks without track closure, preparation of trains, including interconnection of rolling stock and participation in shunting, safety tasks in trains and participation in the safety of the train path, shall be health checked at the following intervals:

  • Every five years, up to and including 40 years.
  • Every three years, from the age of 41 to 62
  • Every year aged from 63 years.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive health examinations that meet all requirements and standards and ensure that railway staff are physically and mentally fit to perform their responsible duties.

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