We carry out PEME and REME for employees on cruise ships 

Health requirements for Cruise Personnel

According to the legislation, both new hires (PEME) and returning/re-employed crew (REME) must complete a valid medical examination before they can work or continue to work on a cruise ship. This necessary examination ensures the health of the seafarer and the safety and responsibility of the cruise line/ship.


During the consultation, information on past and present medical history must be provided. A comprehensive physical examination is carried out in our clinic in Charlottenlund. The examination assesses the seafarer's suitability to carry out the work on board, cope with the living conditions and deal with emergency situations on the cruise ship. An assessment is also made of the risk of needing emergency medical treatment due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Tests Included in PEME

PEME includes a number of essential tests such as blood test, urine test, chest x-ray, Mantoux skin test, immunological tests, liver function test, blood pressure test, pregnancy test (for women) and, upon certification requirements, a heart cardiogram. Height, weight and BMI are also measured during the examination. Here, BMI and the ability to pass a training and performance test are assessed to ensure full satisfaction.

Different Requirements

The surveys required vary depending on the specific position on board and whether it is a PEME or REME survey. For further information, please feel free to contact us. We are available to answer your questions and ensure your safe sailing.

Cruise Medical