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Chester Step Test

The Chester Step Test is an important part of the comprehensive health assessment carried out within the wind sector in countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark. The test is designed to evaluate your physical condition and assess whether you are suitable to work in the offshore wind sector. It is a sub-maximal test where you perform step exercises on a step box with a height between 15 and 30 cm, depending on your age and physical ability. The intensity is gradually increased and you will achieve a heart rate of up to 80% of your maximum heart rate.

It is important to note that if you are taking B-blockers, the test results may be inconclusive, so you should inform the doctor about this. After the test, you will receive a certificate valid for up to 2 years, depending on your performance and meeting the set criteria.

In order to get the best possible experience during the test, it is recommended that you bring sports clothes that give you freedom of movement and comfort.

Our clinic is specialized in the execution of the English Offshore Attest OGUK and the Chester Step Test, and we are ready to assist you in your career within the offshore wind sector.

We perform OGUK

Chester-Step Test

Why a Chester Step Test?

The Chester Step Test is a crucial study in the wind sector, including offshore wind, and it has several important purposes. The primary reason for conducting the test is to evaluate a person's fitness and determine if they are able to handle the physical demands and stresses associated with working in this sector. By stepping up and down a step at gradually increasing speed, the test can provide a reliable insight into the person's cardiovascular capacity and endurance. This is essential to ensure that employees are able to work efficiently and safely in a demanding environment. The Chester Step Test also helps to identify any risks or health challenges that a person may face during work, and can thus help to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being and safety of all involved.