Certifikater til søfart, oil&gas og vindsektoren


OGUK Medical Examination / Norwegian Medical Certificate

Is required before personnel can perform work offshore around the world.

OIL & GAS UK handles rules for English Offshore Certificate (OGUK Medicals),

More information: SEE MORE
List of doctors approved to issue English Offshore Certificate / OGUK: SEE MORE
List of approved Petroleum doctors abroad: SEE MORE

The County Governor of Rogaland has a nationwide role when it comes to matters concerning health and hygiene in petroleum operations at sea on the Norwegian continental shelf. More information: SEE MORE 

The OGUK medical and Norwegian Medical Certificate must be undertaken by approved doctors who have a special authorization. 

Medicals is certified for both with courses in Aberdeen, Bergen and Oslo.
An Offshore medical examination includes:

  • Detailed Medical History
  • Physical Examination – including: Height, weight, vision, urine test, BMI
  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Lung function screening
  • You are required to show photographic ID.

An Offshore certificate is valid for up to 2 years. Some may have restrictions if there are medical reasons that dictate this.

Due to regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), all helicopter passengers (flying out of the UK) must have a shoulder measurement. This came into force in April 2015. In others
countries, a shoulder measurement will often be possible in the heliport before departure.

We are not (currently) conducting this study. You can have your shoulder width measured here: