Medicals is a specialist in vaccinations. 

We advise individuals and companies about travel vaccinations as well as influenza / and pneumococcal vaccinations. We follow the development of the COVID-19 vaccines closely. We can offer vaccination at the clinic, and if necessary we come and vaccinate at companies. When posting employees, a vaccination plan is drawn up for the destination. We offer follow-up to employees via email and telephone. We follow guidelines from SSI, CDC (US), IAMAT and NaTHNaC (UK).

It is important that you as a traveler take out good travel insurance, and if you have a need due to existing illness, apply for pre-approval with your insurance. Read here 

If you need malaria medication, it is recommended to bring tablets from home, as there may be counterfeit medications at certain destinations. For the same reason, it is recommended to be vaccinated from home if possible.

The rules for international certificates change all the time, we are updated and guide you during the travel consultation.  

We have experience with vaccination of employees from Danish and international companies with postings all over the world. We advise on vaccinations at work at sea and at the secondment of personnel from relief organizations, WHO and the UN. 

Families who are to be posted with children are offered vaccination according to rules at schools / universities.    

If you have traveled home from abroad with children, we offer follow-up vaccination so your child is up to date with the Danish recommendations. 

In general, do not start over, even if the interval between two vaccines is exceeded, but the minimum interval must be observed. There are different vaccination programs for the same diseases worldwide. We adapt the program so that you are optimally covered.

Du kan se vores priser: Here

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We stock the following vaccines at the clinic:

Tetanus / Diphteria
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Japanese Encephalitis


TBE / Tick Borne



Tuberculosis: Not available. 

See more at SSI and NaTHNaC