(is the same test as in the public, but with faster response) 

For PCR tests taken before 15.00 in the clinic in Hellerup and Aarhus, there are answers the same day. 7 days a week.

Also booking without CPR - write birthsdate + 0000
Exclusively Healthcare staff and we therefore test children.

Price 850 dKr



Send by secure mail

PRICE 1150 dKr 


The rules are constantly changing from country to country.
We recommend that you contact the airline (IATA) and the Danish embassies.
We cannot take responsibility for advice regarding country-specific requirements.


Read more about the vaccines against COVID-19

Avoid waiting up to several days

Instead of waiting up to 24 hours for an answer as to whether you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 (new Coronavirus), Waterfront Doctors offers to test staff from companies and individuals paying for SARS-CoV-2.

The public test strategy means that it can take several days before you have been given time to test and received an answer as to whether you are infected with a new Coronavirus. In the meantime, depending on the situation, you need to isolate yourself, which means you can not get to work, school, sports, or daycare. 

The wait can be expensive. Both for the individual who may have to spend holidays and care days, but also for the companies that have to do without the employees during the waiting period. 

Inoculation takes place in specially designed COVID-19 test clinics in Hellerup and Århus C.

Depending on the situation and purpose, there is a difference between whether a PCR test or an Antigen test is required, the vast majority of countries that require documentation for negative testing require a PCR test answer - ask before booking. 

If a larger number of people need PCR testing, you can contact us by e-mail for offers, we also come on-site around the clock. We can handle large groups with advanced data management. Everyone who tests positive is offered an interview with a Specialist in General Medicine.


Unlike the Antigen test, where you inoculate in the nose, you inoculate for a PCR test in the pharynx (mouth). The collected material for analysis in an external laboratory. A PCR test is therefore more expensive and it takes longer to get an answer, compared to an Antigen test.

PCR test is ordered after online appointment, and for a PCR test taken in the clinics before kl. 15.00 all 7 days of the week there will be an answer the same evening.

Medical Certificate | Travel Certificate | Corona Pas | forwarded if ordered at time of booking. 


If your PCR test is positive for new Coronavirus, we will investigate, at no additional cost to you, whether you are infected with a mutated virus.


The laboratory we use has more than 20 years of experience and has 800 laboratories in 50 countries and 400 million. test annually a global market leader in bioanalytical tests. The laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited.

Can be used for travel, meetings and the like. The individual is instructed to examine the specific conditions and requirements for testing in connection with travel abroad, secondments and special activities.