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Medicals Copenhagen offers private individuals and companies a Covid-19 test.

The test is a fast qualitative antigen test that shows whether there is an active Covid-19 virus present in a person's secretion sample.

A rapid response test is essential in the detection of Covid-19 infections. The test is intended as an initial screening test in connection with. the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. The consequence of long waiting times for tests can be costly for both individuals and companies, humanly as well as financially

It is ideal for people who want an emergency screening before a business meeting, travel, work, sports, medical consultation, private event or the like. 

For business customers, the test can be effective as an ongoing screening of employees for to avoid and limit the spread of Covid-19 infections, especially in relation to the spread via asymptomatic individuals with Covid-19 infection.


If necessary, Medicals Copenhagen can perform Covid-19 ON-SITE testing at a company address or other location, eg in connection with productions, conferences, meetings, private events, etc. 

We have until several times demonstrated positive cases of Covid-19 on such occasions and thus been instrumental in stopping or limiting the spread of Covid-19.

In our opinion, the test is, on the basis of the rapid response, extremely relevant and effective in addition to the public testing strategy, as the necessary measures can be implemented quickly.

Contact us at or phone 31905959 for further info. or telephone 31905959 for further information. 



Produkt: “Panbio Covid-19 Ag Rapid Test”


The test is CE marked (medical device class III).

The test is published on the WHO's Emergency Use List (EUL).

The test has a sensitivity (the proportion of detected positive tests that are correctly identified as such) of 93.3%, (98.2% for samples with CT values ​​≤ 33), and a specificity of 99.4% (the proportion of negative tests that are correctly identified as such).

For further information regarding the test see Abbott.

HOW IS THE TEST PERFORMED                          

The test is performed by staff trained by Charlottenlund Lægehus Medicals Copenhagen. The test is a cotton swab sample, where a sterile cotton swab is inserted into the patient's pharynx / nasopharynx. The test result can be read approx. 15 minutes after testing. In the case of a positive test result, a new inoculation is followed up, which is sent to the laboratory for PCR analysis.                                       

The antigen test costs DKK 495. You can pay with MobilePay and various cards (Mastercard, Visa Dankort, etc.) immediately after testing.

A personal test certificate with the result is handed out. However, Medicals Copenhagen can not guarantee that this certificate can be used as a valid test result at schools, workplaces, travel destinations, etc. We encourage you to contact the relevant body for approval of this test.

 Contact us at or phone 31905959 for further info. to get an exclusive company agreement.