Contact us for a company agreement that ensures your employees access to quality antigen and PCR tests at Waterfront Doctors in Hellerup and Århus C. Your employees are in good hands with our team of healthcare professionals. We are easily accessible and open 7 days a week. No queue and good setting in specially decorated

We are specialists in PCR testing and can offer customized testing strategies that suit your organization. Our test staff are always health professionals and thoroughly trained for the task. This ensures optimal hygiene and ensuring as safe a test result as possible. There is constant access to medical rear guard and supervision both before, during and after performing the test.

Grundet den nye variant af SARS-coV-2 (B117), der er 50-70 % mere smitsom, kan der være behov yderligere sikring af medarbejdere, produktion og virksomhedskritiske funktioner.

A fixed agreement on tests can be an opportunity to meet this.

Several companies use test strategies that involve both antigen tests and PCR tests for optimal security. 


We frequently come on-site and perform tests, and have health professionals employed for tasks in Zealand and in Jutland. We operate both day and night. Read more at Medicals Mobility

If a response to PCR with a short response time is required, it can also be arranged.

With a company agreement - your employees can be easily and conveniently tested - without paying on the spot. They just order online and write down the company name. 

Antigen test from Biosynex (EU) is used with high precision, and response after 15 minutes via

Write or call for price and options.