Reply after 15 minutes to secure mail. You will be tested with Biosynex Antigen Test with high precision

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The rules are constantly changing from country to country.
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We cannot take responsibility for advice regarding country-specific requirements.

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Biosynex Ag BSS

Podning i næsesvælg.

CE godkendt

Testen er produceret af Biosynex i EU.

Testen kan påvise tilstedeværelsen af virus, altså om du aktivt er smittet.

  • Sensitivitet: 96%
  • Specificitet: 100%

Avoid waiting up to several days

Instead of waiting up to several days for an answer if you are infected with SARS-CoV-2 new Coronavirus), Waterfront Doctors offers to test staff from companies and individuals paying for SARS-CoV-2 (new Coronavirus).

The public test strategy means that it can take several days before you have been given time to test and received an answer as to whether you are infected with a new Coronavirus. In the meantime, depending on the situation, you need to isolate yourself, which means you can not get to work, school, sports, or daycare. 

The wait can be expensive. Both for the individual who may have to spend holidays and care days, but also for the companies that have to do without the employees during the waiting period. 

Waterfront Doctors tilbyder testning i særligt indrettede COVID-19 testklinikker i Hellerup & Århus C. 

Der er alt efter situation og formål forskel på om der kræves eller anbefales en PCR test eller en Antigen test – spørg dig for inden booking. 

The National Board of Health does not recommend Antigen tests if you are in close contact or have symptoms. You can read more about who is close contact at the bottom.

Skal et større antal personer testes, kan du kontakte os på mail for tilbud og rådgivning.

ANTIGEN TEST – test der viser om du har aktiv smitte

With a vaccination from the back of the nose, one can test for active infection with new Coronavirus. The test can be used in connection with tests of persons who are asymptomatic and without suspicion of infection. 

We test with Biosynex Ag BSS, which has a sensitivity of 96% (very few false negative answers) and a specificity of 100% (no false positive answers). The test is Western European, it is CE marked and evaluated on a Western European population.

The German Medicines Agency confirms Biosynex's own figures for the so-called specificity - it's 100%. That is, if the test shows that you are infected, then it is 100% safe. The test thus shows no false positives, and is at that point on a par with the test method (PCR) used by the public authorities. Biosynex's rapid coronate test is thus very superior to any other Antigen Test on the market.

Når det kommer til falske negativer (altså at testen viser at du er “negativ” – uden smitte – men at du faktisk er smittet alligevel), så har testen fra Biosynex en såkaldt sensitivity at 96%. It is measured by a very high infection pressure. The analysis from the German Medicines Agency confirms that the sensitivity is at that level, or higher. That is, the risk of false negatives is in fact less than 4%. It is very comparable to the PCR test used by the Danish authorities.  

Response time on antigen test

Answer to the test is ready after 15 min. 

In the event of a negative test result, the answer will be sent to you via secure email. If you are tested positive for Coronavirus, you will also receive answers via secure email, but you will subsequently be called by a specialist in General Medicine, for advice, precautions and answers to questions.


"Coronapas" can be handed out when needed and sent to you via secure mail. Inform that you want this at the consultation. 

Det er dit eget ansvar at et “coronapas” for antigen test kan bruges til aktuelle aktivitet. Skal du rejse, er det oftest PCR testen der anvendes.

We also refer to the National Board of Health for information regarding COVID-19: